Jun 18, 2013

Newport Pier

Saturday we made it out to the beach to hang out at the pier and grab some food.
It was great beach weather.
Not too cold and not too hot.
It has been so nice having my sister in town.
She is a goofball and always knows how to cheer me up.
Having Khayleb here has been amazing.
Most nights we have heart to hearts and he tells me his thoughts.
He will be ten this year but with all that he's been through you would think he's in his teens.
I love having a close relationship with my boys and I hope it lasts for a long long time.
Anyway, we were all going to go as a family and Uncle Lewis came home.
As soon as he did, Khayleb didn't want to go anymore.
Khayleb looks up to Lewis and loves to hang out with him so Khayleb stayed home while we took Kendric and my sister to the pier.
Jack woke up early and ran errands with Nana and Papa.
Here are a few photos from our little outing.

{My baby sister and me}
{Tired Kenny and Daddy}

{I don't know why I like posing with the sun directly in my face.}

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!
I am ready for the weekend but it's because Ms. Bonnie is leaving me and going on vacation so our office will be a bit boring and quiet for a whole week.
Have a great day!

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