Jul 30, 2013

Kendric is two

Two years has come and gone.
Two years that we have been blessed with such a beautiful and feisty soul!
Happy birthday to my sweetie pie Kendric.
Life really has been complete with my three boys.
He is definitely the boss and muscle of the family.
His older brothers know he means business when he starts to swing and throw things.
He's our sour patch kid. 
First he's sour, then he's completely and utterly sweet!!
He is his own person and is very particular.
{My sweet boy just minutes old, don't mind my cheeks though!}
I shared his birth story here.
He has definitely been there for me when there were lonely times while Lovey was away at football camp.
I love the special bond I have with all of my kids but Kendric was the only one I consistently nursed and I can definitely tell the difference in relationship.
He is such a momma's boy and he melts my heart even after he throws his toys at me.
I love this special spirit and feel privileged to be his mother.
He loves music and enjoys everything that Daddy does.
He has his own style and is really into sports.
I love watching him grow into his own person.
We love having him in our family. He definitely completes our little family.
We love you Kenny and hope you enjoy your special day!


  1. OMG! I am still obsessed with those adorable curls that your boys have. And how sweet is it that it looks like your little guy is flashing the camera a little peace sign on his birthday :) Total sweetness!

    1. The funny thing is he still flashes the peace sign. He's way cooler than I ever was! Thank you, hope all is well with you and your sweet girls!

  2. Your boys are so stinking adorable! I love that you refer to him as your "Sour Patch Kid." Love it! Can't believe our boys are 2!

    1. Thank you Holli! So are your boys!! I really can't believe it has been two years but then again I can't remember life without them! Love you!


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