Aug 16, 2013

Fitness Friday

Hey everyone, sorry for my inconsistency in posting but today I am joining Jen from A Daily Dose of Davis for Fitness Friday.
As most of you know, I started a fit group back in May.
We were meeting at a park but I felt it was most convenient for us to meet in my backyard just because it's a lot easier for our kids to play safely and not having to worry about them running in the street.
 We've been meeting Mondays and Thursdays every week and I love it.
It helps keep me active, my kids get to play with their friends and other moms get to have a little adult conversation and a good workout.
Yesterday we had a total of 6.
3 of our other girls came a little later so I did two sessions.
It was great!
Also this week I've started doing Body Beast.
It's pretty intense just because I've never used weights in my workouts so this is definitely new territory for me.
My arms are really weak so it's been great trying to push myself.
This week I've been doing 2 workouts a day just because I'm training for another half marathon in November.
It works out perfectly because it requires strength training so doing Body Beast is a perfect way to strengthen my muscles.
I gathered friends and family together to do a biggest loser challenge.
It's a closed group on Facebook and had a buy-in. Winner takes all and I'm putting together a goodie basket for the winner.
We are on week 2 and I am proud to say that a lot of the participants are doing so well.
It always helps to have a support group.
I love hearing other people's stories and ways they are trying to implement health and fitness into their life.
Our bodies really are a gift and we should fuel it with only the best.
I know for me, the majority of the battle with making better food choices is my mental state.
I convince myself that I need cookies when in reality an apple will suffice.
When I'm lethargic I opt for a chocolate bar when really I need a banana.
It's the little steps we take to making better choices that will help shape us into the people we were meant to be.
The best thing about this whole fitness journey is my kids love it.
They randomly do burpees and push-ups and are always asking me if we can go running.
I think as a parent, we need to be mindful of our actions and making sure they coincide with our words.
I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend!

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  1. What a great idea to have a fitness group and biggest loser challange. :-) That definitely would keep me motivated! :-)


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