Aug 26, 2013

Motivational Monday

I've decided that I want to start a new series called Motivational Mondays.
I know on this fitness journey, I couldn't have done it on my own.
There have been many people who have helped me push myself to my limits and I want to highlight those who have helped me along the way.
I remember one day I was on Instagram and found an old friend, Tina.
We used to play ball together at the rec center and we had tons of mutual friends.
I hadn't seen her in years.
She was always the tall, skinny, beautiful one!
I kid you not, super stunning.
Anyway I started following her on Instagram.
Her posts about her fitness journey and progression were so inspirational, it made me want to push myself a little harder each day.
After following her, I started becoming more consistent in my workouts.
I knew I could do more and didn't want to make excuses.
She sure didn't. 
As a stay at home mom with four kids and a supportive husband working out of state, she definitely pushed through tons of barriers and made absolutely no excuses. (how's that for motivating right?!)
She is definitely one of a kind and today I'd like to spotlight her because she is helping people change their lives and has become so influential in her community and family.
I asked Tina some questions and she sent me her response.
I wanted her story to be told in HER words so this is what she had to say:

"Growing up I never had a weight problem. 
I was actually that tall, lurpy girl who had trouble trying to gain weight. 
I was active and athletic. 
I ate what I wanted. 
It wasn't until I got pregnant that everything changed. 
After my first pregnancy, I was able to bounce right back to my pre-pregnancy weight at 138 lbs and back into my old pants which was a size 5.
After my second and third pregnancies was when it all changed. 
{2009 after their temple sealing.}
I gained over 60 lbs with my second pregnancy. 
My third pregnancy, I gained more weight. 
I was at my biggest at 210 lbs and wearing a size 16 in pants.
Shortly after my third baby, I got pregnant with my 4th. 
I think getting pregnant one after the other really took a toll on my body. 
At my postnatal appointment, after my 4th baby I was weighing 187 and wearing a size 14. 
It wasn't until our family photos that I realized just how big I was.
{The beautiful Tuakoi family in 2011.}
 I wasn't comfortable in my own skin and felt really insecure.
I started trying to lose weight and it slowly started coming off. 
But because it wasn't coming off fast enough, I completely gave up November of last year. 
My family started a fitness challenge in March and that's what really helped jump start everything. 
I made it a goal to workout everyday and the days I couldn't make it to the gym, I worked out at home.
It started to get hard to hit the gym because my husband works out of state so I stuck to my home workouts.
My sister in-law Lola and friend Anatava started to join me. 
We got really creative with what I had at my house.
We would put together intense workout circuits and post them on Instagram.
I met Ashley on IG and we got together to workout in my backyard.
Others saw our posts and asked to join so we moved to the park.
Our numbers continued to grow and it was then that Ashley decided to give our group a name and that's how Fitmamas WVC got started.
These three have played a huge role in my journey to getting fit.
We push each other past mental and physical barriers and in doing so I was able to deal with many of my insecurities.
{Before and After. She's beautiful either way and look how adorable her babies are!}
Since starting back in March, my whole way of thinking has completely changed. 
Having an amazing support system has made it so easy to continue. 
My husband, Asi is training for his first body building competition and we continue to make it a goal to be healthy and fit for our family.
{Her progression is amazing. You can find more of her motivating photos on Instagram, @ttuakoi}
My little ones are just as excited about fitness as my husband and I.
My family as well as Asi's family are all striving for good health and getting fit.
Our Fitmamas are all so supportive and encouraging every time we get together. 
The fitness family on Instagram has played a huge roll in my motivation to continue. 
I have met so many mothers who are all striving for better health and fitness. 
They all motivate me and inspire me to continue.
What would I say to someone who is on the fence about making healthy lifestyle changes? 
I was once that person and it took me a while to stick to this change. 
But I couldn't be happier. 
Do it for yourself, make the change for yourself. 
For the confidence you'll gain.
Feeling comfortable in your own skin.
Overcoming those physical and mental barriers. 
Do it for you because YOU are worth it."

And that my friends is motivational.
Tina has really helped me push myself beyond my limits.
Her progression continues to amaze me and I am truly grateful that we crossed paths again.
We've never worked out together but I kid you not, I think of her and my other fitmamas when working out and running.
They help push me.
They keep me going.
They have helped me become a happy and positive person.
I promise you this transformation and fitness journey isn't just a journey physically.
You find out what you lack mentally and emotionally.
You find your weaknesses and strive to make them become your strengths.
It's because of Tina and other people like Tina that help motivate friends, family and even strangers to want to get started on a life they deserve to have.
Fitness is a way of life.
God has blessed us with so many wonderful things and we can't enjoy them if we aren't looking out for ourselves.
You get what you give.
If you give half the effort, you get half the results.
This goes for anything in life.
Thank you Tina for your drive, heart and determination.
You definitely make this world a better place.
What motivates you?
What will you do today that will help you become better than you were yesterday?
Hope you all have a great week!

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