Sep 14, 2013

Let's Talk

The great thing about blogging is that when you have random topics or thoughts pop up into your head, you're able to hash it out in your little space of the world wide web.
 Writing is very therapeutic for me.
 I hope that my words can somewhat help others or at least lets you view certain subjects in a different light. The last week or two I've been thinking about Lovey and my relationship.
 The last two days especially since he's been gone for a couple days.
It's amazing how I've come full circle and how blessed I've been.
 My husband is the best person for me.
 He makes me want to be better, he calms me and my favorite thing about him is he makes me feel like the ONLY woman in the world and the most beautiful person.
 Of course, every relationship is different but I recently read "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy.
 This book has been life changing.
 In the book, Darren Hardy talks about going to a seminar and the speaker asked, "What percentage of shared responsibility do you have when making a relationship work?"
Hardy continues on to say that different people shouted out the typical answers of 50/50, 60/40 but the speaker answers the question by saying, "100/0."
It made me think about all responsibilities that Lovey and I share.
 It made me wonder how many times, obviously because I'm only human, that I've pointed the finger of blame on him or found a way to make it seem like that specific responsibility falls on him alone.
 100/0, so that means if I want a successful and happy relationship, it's up to me?
I do all the work? Hmmm.
I've been able to practice that tip and I can honestly say that things have been so amazing, easy and because I am doing my best and helping in any way I can, he reciprocates.
 Not nagging and pointing out what he lacks has made our home a peaceful home.
Uplifting and letting go of the petty things has made me stress free.
My whole point in writing this post was to have all of my lady friends take a step back and think of all the positive things and attributes your spouse possesses. Instead of talking about how annoying your significant other is, uplift him. You are a team. Don't build a wall between the two of you for at one point and time you two came into your marriage to build a refuge from the rest of the world.
Don't let anyone else besides the Lord come into your relationship.
Build your relationship on trust and becoming best friends and confidants.
Find fun things to lighten the mood.
 Become the person you expect your spouse to be. After all, you are who you hang out with.
Be honest and communicate your feelings but don't be cutting or harsh.
Words can't be taken back so be careful with what you say.
 Don't hold a grudge because your spouse is your best ally.
Cut your spouse some slack.
Hardy talks about one Thanksgiving, he decided to make a book of Thanksgiving for his wife.
He decided that each day he would write something about his wife that he was thankful for.
He did it everyday and talked about how in doing this simple gift for her, made him realize how much he really loved her.
It made him see her in a special light.
I'm not trying to say these things to boast or tell you what to do.
I just know the last few months have been great because of the effort we've put in. I've noticed a change in both of us.
We're not quick to anger and we understand each other.
I hope that no matter what, you do everything in your power to be the best you can possibly be.
I promise you, it'll be infectious.
Because you are being the best, people around you will want to do the same.
I hope you are having a lovely evening and weekend.

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  1. Thanks for the great reminder! Sometimes, when you're so close to someone, you forget you need to treat them better than anyone else!


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