Sep 2, 2013

Motivational Monday

Here we are again, another month under our belt. 
I feel like this year is running away from us way too fast.
Today I'd like to talk about a childhood friend.
Her name is Anatava Siale.
We've known each other since we were little.
My parents and her mom would get together at the park and we would see them at Polynesian functions.
She had the brightest smile and is always so warm.
Our high schools were in the same region so we would play against each other for sports.
She played for West and I played for Cyprus.
I always loved her awesome laugh that would echo through the gym and again that amazing smile.
She had to be the nicest competitor out there. 
I always loved it.
A natural born leader, always lifting up her teammates.
She was another friend that I had reconnected with on good ol' Instagram.
It was cool to see how many mutual friends we have and how small our world really is.
I wanted to highlight her this week because she's committed.
She is one of the original Fitmamas and has since then moved to Vernal, Utah.
I love that she's still going strong regardless of distance.
The support we get through Instagram is awesome.
I love the bond I've made with these amazing people.
Without further ado, here is Ana:

"Like many, I've had many fitness journeys. 
You know, the ones that last 3-4 months to lose weight and look good for an occasion or simply just to lose baby weight.
After having my first two kids, I weighed between 225-230.
I didn't pay much attention until I realized I was hiding from cameras at functions.
I dropped down to 205 then got pregnant with my third child.
I told myself I wasn't going back to that weight and to get healthier.
I started Insanity three weeks post pregnancy and dropped the baby weight fast.
I was determined and wanted to look good and feel more confident about myself.
I stayed active and we got pregnant again later August of last year and miscarried after Thanksgiving.
I went downhill from there.
I pitied myself, didn't want to do anything and baked all the goodies I wanted.
I gained all my weight back and then some.
My husband and I sat down before Christmas and discussed goals for our family and what we could accomplish for 2013.
{Ana and her husband. A great support system does wonders for a person}

Our main goal was to live healthier.
Long story short, the kids and I moved to West Valley so I could attend Salt Lake Community College. 
I attended school Monday through Thursdays, 5-9 pm.
I started the Jamie Eason LiveFit Program.
Every night I went to 24 Hour Fitness with my brother in-law.
School later became too much for me.
I spent more time studying rather than being a mom so I discontinued in March.
I reconnected with my girl, Lola Talanoa, who happened to live down the street and she quickly became my workout partner.
This is where Fitmamas WVC came into play.
{The original Fit Mamas WVC. Tina, Lola, Ashley and Ana}
I met Tina through Lola and reconnected with a childhood friend, Ashley.
I've been consistent since then.
We worked out according to our children and their needs.
When we did workout, it was BEAST MODE every time.
The atmosphere changes like a switch and we were pushing each other passed our limits.
{Fitmamas WVC. All photos compliments of @anatavasiale Instagram}
Although I've moved back to Vernal, nothing's changed. 
Thinking of the girls and many we've inspired, I use it as fuel.
As a child growing up, I was raised in a single parent home.
My mom worked two jobs as a police officer and for the airlines but NEVER put work first.
She put us in every sport.
Tennis, swimming, volleyball.
She's 56 and still kills us in tennis.
I want to be just as healthy and active with my kids. 
I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom which means I have NO EXCUSE.
Currently I'm doing Jim Stoppani shortcut to shred 6 week program.
When I moved back from West Valley, I completed that last phase of Jamie Eason's program and lost 13 lbs.
I jumped right into Jim Stoppani's program and just completed week 3.
I love working legs even though I hate leg days.
I've been through many diets.
Strict ones that weren't realistic for me and that's why I failed every time.
I just started eating more of the good and healthy foods.
If one slowly switches rice to vegetables, that's a start.
If one loses one pound or an inch off of their waist, that's a start.
Slow progress is PROGRESS.
When you cleanse your body and mind, you see life in a whole different perspective.
You think positively.
You think of ways to overcome situations rather than stressing about it.
You simply want to serve and help others to do better in whatever it may be.
I'm not saying I've conquered thsee things but it's a daily challenge we all face and I try to do better each time.
I like a challenge."
And she sure does love a challenge.
She and the rest of these amazing fit mamas continue to push each other beyond their limits.
I hope you know that you can do anything you put your mind to.
If you believe it, you can achieve it.
Sounds super cliche but there is truth in those words.
A lot of people apologize when they miss a challenge group I host or miss out on a fit group but let me be honest with you.
It doesn't effect me.
It doesn't effect me the slightest bit.
Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to help you, I WANT to help you.
But I am only here to support and uplift.
You are the only person who can push through your thoughts and you are the only one that can make a change in your life.
Stay strong because it's not easy.
Stay consistent because you'll never know what you're capable of.
And most importantly, stay humble because no matter what there will always be someone stronger, faster, more defined and skinnier than you.
And that's okay.
Take control of your life just as Ana has.
Thanks again Ana for letting me share your story.
You definitely motivate and inspire me as well as those around you.
Keep up the amazing work!
Hope you all have a great week!
What are you going to do this week to help you get closer to your dreams and goals?

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