Sep 16, 2013

Motivational Monday

Today is Motivational Monday and I'm spotlighting an amazing and beautiful wife and mother of two.
Her name is Sheena Tuakoi.
I've never met her in person but we have so many mutual friends, it's kinda crazy.
I randomly stumbled upon her Instagram at the beginning of the year and like a true stalker started following her! 
I love the before photos that she would post.
Before or after, she is beautiful.

Granted I've only known her for a short period of time but she is definitely one to encourage others, she's uplifting and stays positive.
She is hilarious and I love her posts.
I want her to know that she is special and amazing.
Her journey is worth writing about.
It really has been a pleasure to get to know her.
She is as sweet at they come.
She is worth being spotlighted because she has worked hard.
In a world that is always on the go and society always looking for a quick fix, it's refreshing to see a woman just pushing through day by day and taking pride in the little things.
I can't tell you how important it is to notice the small victories and embrace them.
Those small victories will in turn become huge ones.
Here is our interview:

What are some road blocks you've faced in your life?
Sheesh, that's a tough one. Being that I have many. But my main one, fitness wise, would have to be my INSECURITIES. They were (sometimes still are) a huge road block for me. They prevented me from being the person I'm aspiring to be.

When did you really get into your fitness journey?
I've been on and off for many years but it wasn't until March of this year that I became really dedicated.

Did you ever struggle with your weight?
I've never had a problem with my weight until I started having kids. After that my body has had a mind of its own. 

Have you always been comfortable in your own skin?
I'm not yet comfortable in my own skin. But I'm learning daily to appreciate the body that I am working hard for.

What is the biggest feat you thought you were unable to accomplish?
My biggest feat wasn't so much physical as it was mental. Consistency was my biggest struggle. When I finally became consistent , I felt accomplished. Even though my progress was slow, it was satisfying in knowing that I never gave up.

Who is your biggest support?
There are so many people whom I love dearly and I know they are rooting for me in this fitness journey. But my main supporter would have to be my husband, Nick. Never once did he ever make me feel like I wasn't good enough or pretty enough. He's always been into fitness but he never tried to change me or pressure me into that lifestyle. If anything, he just encouraged me to do whatever made me happy and to not care what others thought or said about me.

What helps you stay motivated to continue to live a healthier life?
My main motivation to live a healthier life would be my family. I want to grow old with them. I want my kids to understand that being healthy is a lifestyle. The last thing a parent would want for their children is to struggle with body image and weight insecurities.

What is your favorite workout to do?
My favorite workout to do would have to be squats because I'm trying to build those buns of steel. Lol

How has this fitness journey helped you in the way you think?
This fitness journey has completely changed my outlook on health and fitness and life in general. I've become a better wife, mother, sister and friend. Positivity is the only option. All I choose and care to see is the good in others. I've spent years of being negative and miserable and I refuse to go back to that.

If you could tell someone who is unsure of making changes in their life, what would it be? How would you convince them that fitness is definitely a way of life?
To someone who is unsure about making those changes in your life, you either want it or you don't...and you'll either work for it or you won't. I feel like I'm not one to give too much advice simply because I have my days where I want to give up. But I have learned to appreciate and acknowledge how far I've come instead of focusing on how far I have to go. Enjoy your journey and surround yourself with those you aspire to be like.  

Thank you Sheena for taking the time to answer my questions.
You truly are another inspiration to add to my book.
I love your hard work and your 'can do' attitude.
You've definitely motivated those around you and it is great to see.
If only the world could have more sweet people like you, it would be a better place.
Keep up your hard work and know we're all so proud of you.
I hope you all have had a great weekend.
What are some goals you have today?
Reach for the stars and remember it is all in your head.
Be kind to yourself and tell yourself you can do ANYTHING!

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