Sep 23, 2013

Motivational Monday

It's Monday and you already know what that means!
My motivational spotlight today is a no BS, take it as it is, put up or shut up kinda gal!
And I absolutely LOVE it!
It was five years ago when I came across Ashely Filimoeatu.
We, like my other spotlights, have many mutual friends.
I started going to the South Jordan singles ward with my cousins in 2008.
After they moved to Arizona, I continued to go by myself and sit in the back.
Back then I usually loved being the fly on the wall and thought it was a success when I would go to functions or outings without being noticed or talked to.
I was so worried about people judging me that I just liked to blend in. (silly I know but how times have changed.)
Every now and then Ashley would teach Relief Society and I always enjoyed her lessons.
She's very well spoken and knows her stuff.
The same thing goes for when she is working out.
She's creative and innovative.
She has brought new meaning to the word LIFTING.
I never wanted to try lifting weights just because I knew I had no upper body strength.
I didn't want to look foolish.
I could run for days but when I started following her on Instagram, she opened my eyes to a new way of seeing the benefits of lifting weights.
I love her attitude.
I love that she will call you out just to prove a point.
I love that she's so passionate about fitness and the journey she is on.
Before I say any more, I will let her tell you the rest, so here she is:

"My name is Ashley Filimoeatu.
I'm full Tongan, a Utahn my entire life...not really but I was raised here and claim only
I am the middle of 5 kids. 3 boys and 2 girls.
I'm 29 years young.
I'm really into anything physically exerting.(Muy Thai, rugby, weight lifting, powerlifting.)
I love reading. 
Harry Potter and LOTR are by far my ultimate faves and I crochet.
It's a weird mix but whatever!
My fitness journey didn't start until February or March of this year.

It was then that I figured out slowly, that it was the perfect outlet for me.
It took me months to figure things out.
What works for me, what I like, what I don't like and how working out was changing ME.
My motivations change as I progress.
Mainly because once a goal is met, I set new ones.
It leaves me wanting more and keeps me motivated.
My biggest challenges when I first started my journey was the mental strength.
I totally lacked it.
When it came to physically pushing myself (food choices, emotional choices,) every aspect of my life lacked the mental strength.
I decided that I was going to hunt down any and every challenging thing that scared me.
I was going to try it, smash it and was going to gain the strength I needed to push forward.
The same is true and continues today, the challenges are just bigger and crazier.

I can't say that there's only one experience that made me want to change.
It was the little things like not fitting into my favorite jeans or dress, having to catch my breath walking up the stairs, not having confidence in myself to try new things because I was self conscious about my size, weight and appearance.

The things that help me continue pushing this lifestyle are the people around me.
My brother Tfleks has always been a health nut, my cousin Sinai leads EMZ (early morning Zumba in Utah), my cousin Katalina the MMA fighter, Fitmamas and the crazy ways we push each other and so many people on IG that post their progress, the things they learn. 
They always seem to share knowledge and tips that always benefit me. 
They help me find something new to try and push for.

My favorite body part to workout are legs and boot only because the pain is real two days later.
I'm always proud of the suffering I endure after the workouts.
Don't get me wrong, I hate every minute of leg day but I love the battle wounds after!!
And booty because who doesn't want a bubble butt!
(sidenote: Ashley is one of the original Fitmamas and she puts together a lot of their workout regimens)
As far as fitmama challenges, I mainly look at things that are simple yet "die ugly" status when done in a circuit or HIIT full body workouts. 
I purposely go for the scary things because of the whole mental strength aspect.
Women are always afraid or think they can't plank a 350 lb tire until they try it.
Then the next time they come, they're excited as hell to try it again and to push themselves further. 
They always find out they are stronger than they ever believed.

I love weight lifting because a ton of people have told me not to. 
They told me that it's not attractive to men.
They tell me that because I do it, I'll never get married and that I'll look like a man.
It's always the people who DON'T lift that are the ones saying it.
My second reason for loving weights is because of the mental break though as well. 
Seeing my physical strength increase every week is exhilarating and I have my own goals to hit.
If anyone was ever to to tell me that being fit isn't for them, I'd honestly tell them they're dumb as sh--. 
To be fit isn't to have a six pack or tear drop quads. 
To be fit is to be healthy, to live your life WITHOUT diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and any other physical ailment.
Knowledge is power.
Power is longevity and that should be spent with your family, not with pills, doctor's appointments and pain...stupid face!!"
   And that my friends is what a true BEASTESS would say!
Ha, I love it.
She's so passionate and at first I was a little intimidated to ask Ashley if I could spotlight her.
She's intimidating but in a great way.
She's the kind of person you don't want to disappoint and then when she gives you that reassurance that you're doing great, it's like Christmas day! haha you think I'm kidding but it's true.
She's like the coach or friend you don't want to disappoint because she'll just give you the look and you'll know!
She pushes me and seeing her plank a million lb tires, makes me think that I CAN do it too! :)
She's so dead on when she says that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.
We all deserve a long and fulfilling life.
We must fuel our bodies and spirits with nothing but the best.
She's also dead on about your goals scaring you.
I am a firm believer that if your dreams and goals don't scare you, they're not big enough.
Don't play it safe because we must all take chances.
Go big or go home.
We will never know our full potential if we don't push ourselves beyond our limits.
I hope you all are taking chances and living life to the fullest.
Thank you Ashley for letting me spotlight you.
You truly are motivating and leading by example to show those around you that they deserve better and that being healthy is a way of life.
What plans do you have to make today a great day?
Remember to be the best you can possibly be, you never know who is watching you!!


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