Sep 3, 2013

Our Sunday night conversation

The last couple days we've been trying to potty train Kendric.
He is the last of our little guys and he does not like a wet diaper.
He tells us when he needs to change his diaper so if he can tell me he needs to change his diaper, well then that means he is old enough to use the toilet.
{Jack being a goofball}

Kendric likes to tie things around his head and say he's a Minja!}
He did well...
for about two seconds!
He would sit on the toilet and then say he couldn't go so we would walk out of the bathroom and instantly he would pee on the floor.
Last night I took him to the bathroom and Jack being the big, supportive brother that he is stood by the bathroom door.
He leaned against the wall with his arms folded and said, "Kendric, if you need to use the bathroom you tell me, okay?
Do you understand?"
Kendric looked him dead in the eyes and responded, "Oh otay, brudder. I undahstand!"
Jack looked at me with his eyebrows raised and said, "Mom, I'll take care of him. Okay? I'll take care of you too."
I just smiled and nodded my head.
Kendric while on the toilet looked at me and said, "I take care of you too mom, I want to make you happy."
I have the best security/bodyguards around.
{Labor Day after our fit group}
                               My boys have a heart of gold and I can honestly say that they get that from their Daddy.
I couldn't help but smile as I laid down last night.
They truly make my heart melt.
I am truly blessed.
How was your weekend?
What are some things you've noticed that you've been tremendously blessed with?
I hope you're always looking for them because they're all around you!

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  1. What a cute post. They are adorable. I need to stop and smell the roses more often, thanks for the reminder!


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