Nov 15, 2013

Don't give up!!

As you all know, I've been on a journey.
The funny thing is before I changed the name of this blog to Reupena Household, it was called Our Journey.
It's been quite a ride.
Going from a family of two (me and my Khayleb) to a family of five.
I rekindled a flame with my first crush, the love of my life and my now eternal companion.

We've been able to add to our family and were blessed with two more beautiful and amazing boys.
Our kids are our world.

Everything we do is for them and their future; spiritually and temporally.
I have been able to lose myself in service to my husband and have learned to be selfless.
In return, he's reciprocated the favor and our relationship is stronger than ever.
I have never been so fulfilled and happy as I have been these last four years.
Almost two years ago, I decided to take on another journey.
I decided to grab a hold of my health and fitness and change my ways.
My church puts an emphasis on "health to thy navel and marrow to they bone" (check out Proverbs chapter 3, but this scripture is referenced in verse 8)
Although as a whole, I was happy and my life was great with my beautiful family, there was something missing.
I was so worried about making sure everyone's needs were met and neglected my own.

I had gotten to a weight, I didn't think my bones could handle.
Have you ever seen classmates and not even notice who they were because they had gain so much weight, they became unrecognizable?
That sounds mean and I'm not trying to come across that way but this is fact.
I felt like I was going that route.
I had let myself go.
My husband continually told me how beautiful I am but I needed to believe it myself.
I needed to make a change.
While we were living in North Carolina, my body was physically tired and hurting.
My knees were hurting and I knew why.
I'm all about quick results or fast answers.
I don't like waiting.
But with my fitness journey, I've truly had to stay persistent and diligent.
I've truly learned patience with my results.
I knew all the weight I had gained wasn't overnight so what made me think that I was going to lose it all overnight?
Even to this day, I become impatient but I need to realize I can NEVER GIVE UP!
You get what you put in to anything you take on.
Now before I have the close minded people judging me for taking photos of me with no shirt on, let me say that the only reason I post progress photos is to show that I'm not faking the funk.
I'm not trying to show off anything but I know there's one person out there that may have the same problem or are wanting to do something but not sure if they can keep at it.
I want to show that with hard work and dedication, you can do anything you want to.
I want to lead by example.
I want people to believe what I say is true because I live it day in and day out.
I want people to know that not only do I talk the talk but walk the walk as well.
I want my children to see my actions and know that it coincides with my words.
The greatest lessons will be learned within the home.
What are you doing today to show your children or loved ones that you aren't giving up or giving in?
The choice is yours to start any goals you are wanting to pursue.
Don't start tomorrow or next week.
Start today and follow through.
You truly never know where you'll end up or what you can become.
Remember change is good. 
Change is scary.
But if your goals and dreams aren't scaring you then they aren't big enough.
I hope you all have a great weekend and let's DREAM BIG!!
Feel free to drop me a line.
I LOVE comments!!

1 comment:

  1. I love everything about this post! I am just re-starting my journey after falling off the wagon a bit. Like you said "never give up"


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