Dec 9, 2013

Motivational Monday

Hello everyone! 
It's been a long time but I am back. 
Hopefully I never leave my blog this lonely ever again!
I wanted to come back with a bang and what better way to do so by having a Motivational Monday post!
Today's Motivational Monday is about a beautiful, fit couple.
I wanted to change it up a bit and share with you the answers of a spouse's perspective and how they think the other would answer on their progress and their fitness journey.
I also asked each of them to keep their answers to themselves to see how accurate the answers are or just to see what the other person thought about their fitness journey.
I always feel like some people are really modest with their answers but my goal is to spotlight them and the amazing things they continue to do to motivate those around them.
As a married couple, you tend to learn and grow together.
You come to know that person inside and out and it shows through in their answers how well they know each other and how close they are.
If you read my blog, there's nothing that I stress more than having an amazing support group.
This couple has definitely been a tremendous support to one another.
I would have to say that one of my favorite things about myself is my memory. (no horn tooting here, just a simple fact!)
I can remember the craziest and simplest of things.
I remember things, names, people and events even down to the tiniest detail even if the other person hasn't the slightest clue.
Before I start my highlight of Brian and Sela Misinale, I just want to share my earliest memories of them.
This may seem really odd and even slightly creepy because I'm sure neither of them remember me but I remember them as far back to my freshman year of high school.
My mom went to the same ward as Brian and his family.
I was good friends with his cousin Toilose and I even remember when his twin brother passed away.
I always had these massive knee pains and she was always worried because that's how Daniel's (Brian's twin) pain and sickness began or that's what I was told.
He comes from a great, friendly and loving family.
I always used to play basketball with Brian's cousins at the West Valley Rec Center too.
That was my favorite thing to do even if I had just finished basketball practice.
That was my first love!
My earliest memory of Sela was when we used to play sports against each other.
She went to West, I went to Cyprus.
It was fun, they were our biggest rival (don't ask me how, we were on different ends of the city) but I remember her intensity and fire.
We played in the same region and she was such an amazing athlete.
Of course, I met back up with them through Instagram.
A couple months ago, Fil of Team Fleks hosted a photo challenge and I came across their IG accounts.
If you have an instagram be sure to follow them on the highlighted links: Sela and Brian.
Here are the questions I asked them about each other:

First off, tell me about you guys. When did you meet, how long have you guys been married, kids? 
Brian: "So I first met my wife at a YSA activity.
We were at Antelope Island and she was watching a movie on a portable DVD player with her cousin. Somehow, I don't remember, but her cousin ended up giving up her seat and soon I was sitting in the chair with Sela watching a movie! I guess I was that smooth! lol
Since then we've been married for 7 years and have two kids; Daniel (6) and Jayden (4)."
Sela: "We met at a YSA conference. Hopefully he goes into detail because I'll take too long. lol We have been married for 7 1/2 years. We have two boys, Daniel 6 and Jayden 4."

When did your wife/husband decide to start his/her fitness journey? What did she/he start off doing to make those changes?
Brian: "My wife has been working out for quite some time now. She started doing Zumba, I think 2-3 years ago with my sisters with the EMZ crew (early morning Zumba). She was quite successful at shedding baby weight from her pregnancies by doing Zumba. I've tried Zumba before and I realized why she stuck with it. It's pretty fun!"
Sela: "We both have been off and on with fitness since we've been married. But this time around has been the best for Brian, I think. He started by cutting all the junk food and eating healthy. He also contacted an old friend of his that owns a CrossFit gym in Daybreak (Josef Cavaness). Jo told him to try it and that we did. That was the beginning of his addiction to fitness. We love CrossFit but it's expensive."

What do you think her/his favorite workout is?
Brian: "I would say her favorite workout is Zumba but she's really loving weightlifting now. If we had the money, I'm pretty sure her favorite would be CrossFit. She's an athlete!"
Sela: "Right now his favorite workout is anything to work the back. He's come a long way with his progress on his back."

What motives her/him to continue her/his fitness journey?
Brian: "I think our kids motivate her the most. Also the EMZ crew and Team Fleks has really kept her motivated to keep pushing. Also ME! lol"
Sela: "There are so many motivations for him to stay fit but staying fit for our family and especially our boys is probably the biggest."

What do you think she/he would say is her/his weakness? What would you say are her/his strengths?
Brian: "I think she would probably say her weakness is eating. And I would say her strength is her mindset. When she's focused on something, she'll get it done!!"
Sela: "I think he would say his weakness is trying to make gains with his legs. I catch him flexing them in the mirror all the time, looking for progress. lol For me he has so many strengths that I lack. 1- His mental strength to control eating healthy. That's my number one weakness. So to have him always keeping an eye on me in the kitchen is awesome and sometimes annoying. haha! 2- His self motivation to get his workouts in everyday even if I'm lazy and try to talk him out of going to the gym."

What pushes you two to continue to embark on this fitness journey?
Brian: "Seeing my kids working out in our living room, out of nowhere, pushes me to continue to set that example for them. Also the time I'm able to workout with my wife at the gym really keeps me pushing hard. We have really grown closer as a couple by working out together. I would recommend it for any couple out there. And as for myself, I would really like to step on stage with Team Fleks in April 2014. That's the goal. Wish me luck, I have a long way to go so if I'm not ready for April, I will definitely try another one."
Sela: "Of course our boys push us to want to become healthier and to stay active. I also want to feel and look great for myself and especially for him. :)"

Lastly, please share your thoughts, opinions and proud moments of your wife/husband.
Brian: "My wife has come a long way! Like many other women living in today's world, the media can really put a woman down. How she should look or dress, how one should act, how slim one should be. So I'm proud that she stays strong and continues to be a powerful lady. She's really grown through the years I've known her. She's humble, kind and very thoughtful of others!
That's what attracted me to her after I was attracted by her beauty! Women can become strengthened by one another and I'm definitely grateful my wife can feed off of that."
Sela: "Since we've started our fitness journey together, I think we've become even closer because we found something we both have a passion and love for. I've always been big on cardio because that's all I pretty much knew. Now I love lifting weights and learning to tone my body. I thank him for teaching me everything he knows in  the weight room.
I'm proud that he's stepping out of his comfort zone and is training for a competition in April. His dedication and drive is going to lead him to accomplish all the goals he has set. I feel honored, blessed and excited to be the one right beside him eating healthy, training, sweating, puking, craving and crying through his first experience of training for a competition. I'm lucky to have a man that is not only dedicated to his own goals but even more to me and our eternal family."

These two are the cutest couple. I love how uplifting they are to one another
I love seeing a couple that can push through anything and withstand the storms of life.
Fitness is a way of life and these two are making huge strides to continue to carry their fitness and nutrition over to their little ones.
I'm grateful for so many examples such as Brian and Sela to look to.
They keep me motivated and I love their positive vibes.
In a crazy world, we don't need mean, grumpy people.
Thank you again Brian and Sela for letting me spotlight you two.
You are amazing and we can't wait to see what Team Fleks has to offer come April.
Good luck and keep up the great work in motivating and inspiring those around you!!

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