Jan 27, 2014

It's up to YOU!

I look back on all the people I've had in my life
and I am truly grateful for all of the people that have stuck around.
Wait, let me rephrase that.
I'm grateful for those who I've decided to keep in my life.
I'm truly genuine in all I do so when I feel wronged, it's not hard to say adios to those who continually bring me down.
Yes, I believe in Christlike love and forgiving but sometimes it's easier for me 
to turn the other cheek and let them be unhappy without me.
There's nothing worse than keeping people around
in your life that are downers, negative nelly's and
those who low key sabotage your success regardless of what kind of success it is.
Have you ever had a friend who would make you feel bad about 
you losing weight or telling 
you that you don't need to lose weight although in your heart of hearts you know it
is a must for your health AND confidence?
Have you ever lost weight and had friends who freely tell you that you look too skinny or that you look sick?
Why is it rude to call someone fat yet it's not when you call someone too skinny?
Have you ever stopped to notice that the people who are the unhappiest 
are the ones who will try to bring you down because
misery loves company?
I'm here to tell you that you don't need that poison in your life.
If you want to lose weight for YOU, do it!
It's truly up to you.
If you can't lose weight because you have family and friends that are constantly rubbing it in your face that their burger is just too good or the cookies they just got are amazing, then truly that's a personal problem for THEM, not you!
Push through the comments and let your actions speak louder than your words.
Losing weight at first, people do it for the physical appearance yet during their journey they realize that
their transformation is truly made from within. 
They realize the underlying issues
they've internalized and have excused.
It was a complete break through for me to lose weight and find myself.
I was able to be happier, more positive and see the upside of things instead of moping around,
wondering why things happened to me.
People often question what you do and why you're doing it
only to later ask how you did it.
I want you to know that if you don't support your own decision to make a change then you will falter.
If you don't take a stand and tell those around you, you are changing your life for the better then
be prepared to enjoy those burgers and watch that scale hit the roof.
Be prepared to watch your blood pressure shoot up and self inflict ailments that can be
avoided and prevented through simple diet and nutrition.
This post may seem harsh but I'm just writing the harsh
realities of the increasing trend of obesity.
If your eyes are adjusting and you're telling yourself, you are not that big,
you might want to think again.
But don't get discouraged because it takes baby steps.
It takes breaking bad habits and training your brain again to make better habits.
If you look back at photos and wish for your 'skinny' days, then your world is completely tainted.
You don't wish for things to happen.
You make it happen.
You are the painter of your canvas.
You write your own story.
You decide whether you want to do great things or continue to be mediocre.
It all boils down to you and what you want.
So my question to you today is, 
Do you know what I want?
I want to lose these last 10 stubborn pounds.
I want to work on my thunder thighs and tone them down.
I want to be my own boss.
I want to work in fitness for the rest of my life because then I will never work a day in my life because 
this truly is my passion.
I hope you are finding ways to bring your talents and gifts to fruition.
We all should make the best of what God has given us.
Make today a great one!!

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