Jan 13, 2014

Just another Manic Monday

So I usually post my motivational posts on Monday but today I'm feeling a little different.
I don't know if it's the soreness that I feel from my second half marathon but I thought I'd write about my feelings on my race, my takeaways and the pure inspiration that I received through it all.
First off, if you didn't know, I ran my second half marathon this past Saturday with my brother in-law.
He did amazing and it was his first race ever!
I on the other hand, did not kill it.
To be honest, I did the bare minimal on my training regimen.
I ran a handful of times and let me tell you, if you don't move it, you lose it!
I was so into my home workouts and the fact that it gets dark quicker that I would justify getting my miles in.
Being an athlete at heart, to me the adrenaline gets me through and the practice is just something I push aside when it comes to running.
But that was a big mistake and I will never underestimate 13.1 miles EVER again.
This was a valuable and painful lesson for me to swallow!
The things I learned about myself while running this half was: 
1) I am WAY stronger than I give myself credit.
2) I'm a lot DUMBER than I look .
3) It was through the grace of God that I finished this race.
There was extra strength that I know wasn't my own while running.
Believe me or not, but I truly felt the extra push and it definitely wasn't from any other strength that I could muster because I had none left.
I was done by 11 miles and the last 5 minutes was literally the longest five minutes of my life!
I died out at mile 10 which was the same time I died out during my first half in Utah.
My conclusion for this is to strengthen my legs AND core more so that I can push through longer.
As I was running, I was able to get some much needed scripture study in on audio.
It made me think about all the trials that people in the scriptures went through.
Made me think about people nowadays and their rough exteriors, thinking that we just don't know who and what people are dealing with.
It made me take a mental note to ALWAYS be kind.
The hardships they endured, the eternal perspective they had while pushing through with faith and determination.
I was thinking to myself that no matter what you do in this life, 
no matter what you go through, 
no matter who you set out on this journey with, 
you will cross that finish line by yourself.
Just YOU, that's it!
The support will be there, as there was with the bystanders watching and cheering us on as we ran past them, giving us motivation and hope that we'd soon get to our final destination.
But the only person you can rely on to push through is YOU.
You see, I can have someone hold my hand through the worst of the worst as well as the best of times but it is up to me to push through my trials and tribulations and in the end stand before our Maker and face my consequences and/or sweet rewards.
It is up to me to stand tall and get things done instead of bow out and quit.
Finishing strong and seeing my brother in-law beaming with excitement and adrenaline made me want to get there that much faster.
As it is with our friends and family that have passed on before us.
We can't see them and some times we may not feel them in spirit but in our hearts we know they want us to push through.
They are cheering us on and wanting us to keep at it with much faith, hope and with a kind heart.
By mile 11, I turned off my scripture audio and thought of my husband.
He's my main motivator and pusher.
I'm grateful that I have a husband who is a musician to give me that extra oomph when I need it.
I turned on one of his new songs he wrote for me for the last two miles, 
placed it on repeat and the second I heard his voice, 
I got the extra push to just keep going no matter how much my legs hurt and how sore my hips were getting.
Listening to the words he had written for ME was such a boost.
It made me realize how grateful I am to have that kind of support in my life.
It made me grateful to have gone through everything I've been through to know what real LOVE is all about.
In order to know good, we must feel the bad.
There must always be opposition but I definitely have to say that the rewards are truly sweet and worth every bit of the pain we'll endure.
I am so happy that I survived and have learned my lesson.

My goal is to run at least one race every month this year so my training starts today.
I have a clean slate and will be prepared for my next race next month.

I hope you all had a great weekend and may you always remember to push through.
Whatever you are going through in your life, never forget that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
There are people on both sides of the veil cheering you on and wanting to see you finish strong!
Keep going, don't you quit!!


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