Jan 16, 2014

Out Loud

They say that if your goals aren't written down they're just ideas floating in your head.
Taking that into consideration, I don't want to just float some ideas around in that head of mine and then brush them under the rug.
I want to execute even the smallest ideas I have.
My goal is to go big this year in EVERYTHING I do.
You're given this life for a reason, you have to know that there is a greater purpose for you.
I believe and I know that I WILL make my mark in this life.
With that said, I felt it appropriate (since this is my little space in the world wide web) to write down my goals for this year. 
Goals, bucket list, to-do list, whatever I feel I need to let go of and see it in writing.
I've always been one to say that if I say it OUT LOUD, on social media, place it on paper, well by all means, I HAVE to do it.
I stated I wanted to lose weight, I did.
I talked about running a race and I did...a handful of them!
In no particular order, I will just regurgitate my goal list:

-Get my Hola back. (I know you see this, mark my words!)
-Become certified in Insanity, P90X, Plyo and Zumba.
-Host a fit club in California.
-Host a fit club in Utah.
-Write a book.
-Build a solid team in my business.
-Take a cruise compliments of Beachbody (meaning I earned that sucker)
-Spend less time on phone surfing web.
-Be more spiritually in tuned with the Spirit.
Build relationship with God.
-Build my relationship with Lovey.
-Go on more dates.
-Go on more family trips.
-Read more inspiring and personal development books.
-Read the GOOD BOOK cover to cover this year.
-Learn to make a new craft.
-Learn to crochet a blanket.
-Do more random acts of service.
-Blog daily.
-Contact at least 3 people on my friends' list to let them know how much I appreciate them.
-Call my parents more often.
-Put together an annual siblings trip.
-Talk to youth about my story to help them learn from my mistakes.
-Go for a hike at least once a month.
-Visit my cousins that live in the same state as me at least once every month.
-Talk to more strangers and learn about them.
-Talk to Lovey's Grandma about her stories and her history.
-Cuddle my children every night.
-Teach my children the importance of the gospel.
-Stop shouting at my children, 1-they don't hear me 2-it's a bad energy, I need to stop it.
-Learn patience.
- Get that six pack before summer.
-Do better about eating clean.
-Stay positive even in my darkest hours.
-Tell my mommy I'm sorry for being such a headache.
-Make phone calls to people who pop up in my head.
-Be genuine ALWAYS.
-Be kind even when I don't feel like it.

I know I'll keep adding to this list and once I have accomplished something, I will cross it off but I think this is a good start.
Do you have goals?
How often do you set new ones?
Do you keep at it?
I hope we are all setting attainable goals and pushing through them. 
Our children are watching us
so make sure you practice what you preach.
Stay consistent, 
stay persistent 
and like my father in-law always says, 
You never know who's watching you, 
make sure you're leaving a lasting impression in the best possible way.
I hope you have an amazing day!

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