Apr 15, 2014

Getting older

There's been a lot of talk through social media and between friends about getting old and as I get closer towards the big 3-0, I'm wondering why people are always dreading the fact of getting old.
Trying to reduce the wrinkles, changing the inevitable grey hair and the hopes of reconstructing their body to make things look as they did years ago.
When I was 10, I used to think 21 was old, heck I used to think 18 was old.
In July I'll be 29.
I definitely don't feel old and sometimes I forget I'm not 18 anymore.
I still feel young even though the numbers are not decreasing.
As a child, time almost seems to stand still.
I remember going out to play and hours would pass by.
I wouldn't have a clue or a care in the world about what time it was.
My curfew was when the sun went down.
I remember many times very vividly, laying on our freshly mowed lawn on bright summer days, staring up at the sky.
I would watch the clouds go by and wonder how they could move so swiftly and smoothly across that clear blue sky.
I always used to think that those who had passed away lived in the sky and whenever I saw clouds moving, I thought that the angels were taking their daily stroll in Heaven.
I often wondered where they were going and if my Great Grandma and Aunt liked taking walks in the clouds too.
I laid there for what seemed like an eternity.
Time was never an issue, there was not a care in the world.
As I got older, there were schedules, time limits, deadlines, due dates which in turn caused stress.
Everything and everyone always seemed to be racing against time.
I often yearn for my younger, carefree days but in getting older I take pride and feel as though getting older is a privilege.
Those wrinkles are well deserved.
The knowledge I have and will continue to attain only come with time and age.
I embrace it.
I hope to be able to see my kids grow up and watch our family grow and prosper.
To be able to teach our children all we can and hope that they learn from the knowledge I've acquired.
I can't wait for the day that my children accomplish great milestones.
I savor each and every moment with them because I know these stages of their lives won't last forever.
The great thing I take comfort in is that although these stages won't last forever, our family will.
The eternal perspective for me and my posterity is so great and the desire to rear my children in all things good, wholesome and  Christ-like is my biggest and greatest goal. 
Getting old isn't a bad thing.
It's a wonderful thing.
It is an honor and a privilege we should embrace rather than despise or fear.
I love the thought of growing old with my Lovey.
How do you feel about getting older?
What are your biggest fears and goals you wish to accomplish in life?
Have a great day everyone!

{Photo taken by: Sodapop Photography}


  1. Love this post Talisha! It is crazy how fast we "grow up." I sometimes still feel like I'm the 12 year old begging my mom to drive me to get a snow cone. Hopefully the next ten years will slow down!

    1. I know, I sure hope so too. I'm savoring every cuddle and tender moment with my boys because soon, they'll be girl crazy and too cool for their parents...haha but I can't wait to embarrass and pull out the bum-bum photos! haha YES!

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