Apr 8, 2014

Blended families and Romance...

My boys are so funny and goofy. 
They love to say things and if they get reactions from others then they will keep doing it.
My little ones have picked up some habits that I'm not too fond of but it doesn't help because there are so many people around them, all the time, that if someone laughs, they'll say or do it over and over again.
Kendric says,  "stupid." and Jack says, "shut it!"
I don't like when they say it but being around their grandparents 24/7, they tend to get away with a lot more than they should.
When they know they're in trouble, they'll run to Nana and Papa's room because they know I won't go in there.
Terds, I tell you.
The thing I miss most about North Carolina, was I had the final say.
There were no if's, and's or but's.
They listened.
Living with your in-laws has its ups and downs, let's be honest.
I'm truly grateful for all that they have done for us and are a tremendous help but
the family dynamics can be a bit different when living in a household of eleven people.
My husband and I joked the other night because he talked about families living in one room huts in Samoa and they were just fine.
I looked at him as I chuckled and said, "Yes, and look how romantic Samoans are!"
We laughed and realized it's time to leave the nest!
Just for the record I love my culture but I'm being real when I say they don't exactly know the meaning of romance.
Or maybe it's just a little different because they're constantly in survival mode.
I don't remember my parents ever going on date nights or having a couple's getaway.
Well maybe that's because one: they may not have liked each other seeing as they are divorced and two: we were broke as a joke which is probably what led to them not liking each other.
I can look back on my adolescent years and laugh now because
I've learned so much.
I wasn't lying when I said that my life is full of "what not to do".
I learned from my parents of what I didn't want and what I wouldn't compromise.
So anyway, what kind of family are you a part of?
Have you ever had to live with your parents or in-laws while married at one point?
I'd love to hear stories because I'm sure we can all relate on one level or another!
Have a great day everyone and boy have I missed writing.
I promise little bloggy blog, I won't neglect you any more!

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