Apr 14, 2014

Telling your story...

I was reading an article at lunch the other day and it sparked my interest.
The article talked about what you remember as a child and how
much of an impact you, as a parent, can have at creating vivid memories that your 
children retain.
I have VERY vivid memories from up until I was 4 years old but that goes hand in hand with my crazy imagination and I can also attribute it a lot to my father who helped us create great memories as children.
Although I cannot say the same for my adolescent years, my childhood memories were the best.
He encouraged make believe and usually would build us houses out of boxes, igloos during snow days, make race tracks out of cardboard for our cars and let us enjoy our childhood.
It talked a lot about children having the ability to recall and make sense of memories from daily life.
It also talked about how parents played a big role in helping determine not just how many
early memories children can remember but how children interpret and learn from the events of their earliest experiences.
I loved it, I loved that it basically said to step away from social media and after a family event, activity or trip
to ask your children open ended questions to build a conversation 
and to see how much they retained when asked about something they did.
This also helps build relationships and conversation.
My kids have very wild imaginations and remind me a lot of
when I was growing up.
The great thing about being a parent is you can tweak whatever happened in your own childhood
and help create opportunities for your children to learn, build and grow far more than
you were able to.
Experience is everything.
Experience helps mold you.
Memories are something I hold dear.
Especially when they're memories of someone that is no longer here physically.
My question I pose to you is, how do you view your story?
How do you tell your stories to others?
How many memories have you been able to retain as well as small details about them?
Have you been able to create great stories or are you stuck in the mundane routine of life?
Have you become so desensitized to living life that you're forgetting to stop and smell the roses or taking in the warm sky and the sunshine on your face?
I hope you are painting vivid, wild and beautiful stories.
After all everyone has a story to tell and it really is up to us on how we choose to tell it.
I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.

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